… platforms keep evolving,
but copyright still applies

While publishing has been through some considerable transitions over the last few years, the need for content hasn’t changed.

How Publishers and Content Creators utilize assets and resources has diversified and outsourcing is now widely recognized as a strategic benefit.  The vision in publishing has also evolved.   The end product focus is strongly electronic and customizable.  The platforms keep evolving, but copyright still applies.  Getting the proper clearances is essential for credibility and avoiding liability.   Jennifer’s motivation to create Creative Compliance was to build a flexible, client-focused company that never loses sight of the values and passion in publishing and intellectual property.

The company name, Creative Compliance, comes from the prime mover and intent of Copyright law, protecting creativity and intellectual endeavors to encourage the collective endowment of intellect and arts.  Our company’s mission is to help creativity flourish through compliance.

Jennifer Kennett founded Creative Compliance after working in publishing for more than twelve years.

Jennifer has managed rights acquisition within the departments of Custom Publishing, Assessment and Educational Publishing, and with an Educational Content Developer.  She holds a BA in English from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Paralegal Certificate from William Rainey Harper College, and is a 21st Century Skills Professional Development Affiliate for the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

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